Approaching Drug Development with Patients in Mind

"The ongoing consolidation and globalization of the pharmaceutical industry has led to the emergence of several 'underserved therapeutic areas' where R&D have been abandoned due to lower patient numbers and, hence, lower profitability. The mission of SymBio Pharmaceuticals is to develop drugs for patients who have 'fallen through the cracks' of the pharmaceutical industry during this time of change, making drugs available to patients that would otherwise not have been developed. By adopting this patient-oriented approach, SymBio provides hope to patients in dire need of treatment through the guiding principle of mutual harmony: establishing a symbiotic relationship between patients, physicians, scientists, regulators and investors."

  • ※SymBio's salient approach to drug development negates the necessity of costly and time-consuming investment in pre-clinical or R&D activities; using an adept in-house search & evaluation team and Scientific Advisory Board comprised of reputable scientists and physicians, the Company identifies and assesses the most promising quality drug candidates in the US and EU with proof-of-concept established in human for possible in-licensing.
  • ※We establish strong ties with overseas pharmaceutical and biotech companies conducting basic research and clinical development by adopting a global approach, searching for the 'gems' of the pharmaceutical industry in order to develop more effective treatments for some of today's most devastating diseases.
  • ※The niche being exploited by SymBio pharmaceuticals is the existing pool of drug candidates indicated for 'orphan' or 'orphan-like' diseases that can only be successfully mined by a specialty pharmaceutical company that is nimble and highly efficient in its approach to drug development; unhampered by the increasing costs and risks associated with drug discovery and preclinical development, SymBio's ability to identify and assess only the best drug candidates that the industry has to offer has proven to be a winning formula.
  • ※We provide innovative drugs having a balance of efficacy and safety, optimizing quality of life benefits to address unmet medical needs.
  • ※We provide novel drugs desperately needed by patients and healthcare professionals, reinvesting a significant portion of profits being generated into existing company resources; this in turn, will broaden the scope of our search for new drug candidates, and the eventual development of such drugs or medical devices in an expeditious manner. And through our "SymBio Reinvestment Program," profits are also funneled into a 'cyclic' model of return to society which was created with the goal of fulfilling SymBio's societal responsibilities, promoting further development in crucial areas that have been lagging behind those of other countries, such as refractory disease research, patient care, and training for the next generation of skilled researchers in advanced technologies.

In closing, we firmly believe it is possible to realize sustainable organic growth in a specialty pharmaceutical company by focusing on patients in smaller niche indications, while simultaneously creating and fostering the 'symbiotic' relationship between the five spheres of the healthcare industry: private entrepreneurship, government, physicians, scientists and patients.

This is the image of a pharmaceutical company that we wish to cultivate.