Global business

Since its establishment, SymBio Pharmaceuticals has set its sights on global expansion, and started its business by first building a unique drug discovery business model in Japan. Since then, we have achieved profitability through rapid new drug development and our own sales and distribution system.
Through further growth, we aim to contribute to patients around the world who are eagerly awaiting new drugs as a "global specialty pharmaceutical company."

Introduced the global strategic product brincidofovir.

In 2019, SymBio Pharmaceuticals introduced a global product, the anti-multiviral drug brincidofovir. “brincidofovir” has a new mechanism of action as a lipid conjugate of cidofovir (CDV, unapproved in Japan), which is approved in Europe and the United States, and has a high antiviral activity compared to CDV and other antiviral drugs. Effective against a wide range of double-stranded DNA virus infections (cytomegalovirus, adenovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, herpes virus, BK virus, papilloma virus, smallpox virus, etc.) It is hoped that this will be a therapeutic method.
In addition to its high antiviral activity, brincidofovir is also expected to have antitumor effects, so we are exploring its application in a wide variety of therapeutic areas and diseases.

New drug development centered on SymBio Pharma USA begins.

In 2021, SymBio Pharmaceuticals started full-scale operation of SymBio Pharma USA (SPU), a global development base for brincidofovir, and began development in the United States. In the future, centering on this SPU, we will promote clinical development in each country and accelerate joint research with prominent research institutes around the world and will establish a position in the global market.