"Work that makes people and society happy" by Fuminori Yoshida

"Work that makes people and society happy" by Fuminori Yoshida

(Japanese only) Fuminori Yoshida, Reprentative Director and CEO, published a book titled "人と社会を幸せにする仕事 (Jobs that make people and society happy)" on February 13, 2014 by Gentosha.
Yoshida wants to challenge the "Underserved Therapeutic Areas" where major pharmaceutical companies have avoided developing new drugs for reasons such as the small number of patients and the lack of profitability, and to deliver new drugs to suffering patients as soon as possible. With this strong “will” as the driving force, he started a pharmaceutical company from scratch.
This book traces the path from the founding of SymBio Pharmaceuticals in 2005 to the present, and describes the many joys and learnings experienced through starting a business from scratch, as well as new management ideas and business models that society will need in the future. It describes how the company should be.
This book is a must read not only for those who are currently at the forefront of corporate management, but also for those who aim to start a business.

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(Japanese only) Work that makes people and society happy
Management of a bio-venture that challenges “Underserved Therapeutic Areas” in new drug development
SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, Reprentative Director and CEO Fuminori Yoshida
1,200 yen + tax

It all started with "will"

  • Chapter 1 A company betting on a success rate of 1 in 20,000
  • Chapter 2 The starting point is a strong desire to “help people who are suffering”
  • Chapter 3 If you stick to your “will”, you can overcome high risk and earn high returns
  • Chapter 4: Challenging “Underserved Therapeutic Areas” with unique business models
  • Chapter 5 Aiming to be a “future company” that brings happiness to people and society