About compliance

1. Approach to compliance

In order for our company to develop as a pharmaceutical company based on the philosophy of "to co-create and to co-exist," we must not only pursue economic profits, but also conduct activities for compliance with integrity. We believe that it is extremely important to actively promote these activities and earn a high degree of social trust as a good corporate citizen.
Based on this belief, as a pharmaceutical company that contributes to society, we will strive to ensure compliance in order to fully fulfill our social responsibilities and public mission.

2. Establishment of initiatives and systems for compliance

  1. In December 2006, we established the "Charter of Corporate Behavior," which stipulates our basic compliance policy and standards of conduct for executives and employees, and we position compliance as one of the most important management issues. We are taking every opportunity to ensure compliance with the Charter.
  2. In "Charter of Corporate Conduct", we declare that we "respect human rights, comply with all laws and regulations, codes of conduct and their spirit, and act with high ethical standards, whether in Japan or abroad". All executives and employees act strictly in accordance with the Code of Conduct stipulated in the Charter, based on their high ethical standards and social conscience in all processes of corporate activities as a pharmaceutical company.
  3. In order for all executives and employees to correctly understand the concept of compliance and put it into practice in their daily actions, we have established the "Compliance Action Guidelines" and are working to unify and improve compliance awareness.
  4. In order to permeate, thoroughly implement, and strengthen compliance awareness throughout the company, the Company has created a manual for the Preamble of Charter of Corporate Conduct and Corporate Culture, which is distributed to all officers and employees and carried at all times.
  5. In order to ensure the implementation of compliance initiatives, the Company strives to foster a correct understanding of compliance and a high level of compliance awareness by continuously conducting compliance education and awareness activities for all officers and employees. I'm here.
  6. The Company has established an Internal Control Committee as an organization to ensure compliance and ensure its promotion. The Internal Control Committee carries out activities to establish, promote, and establish a compliance management system as part of the internal control of the company as a whole, and works to permeate, thoroughly implement, and strengthen compliance awareness in the business activities of the company as a whole.
  7. The Company has established a "Compliance Consultation Desk" both internally and externally to receive compliance-related information, consultation on corporate ethics, and internal reporting from the Company's officers and employees, in an effort to reduce compliance risks.