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In the spirit of cooperation, and in order to accelerate the availability of much-needed medicines to patients, we encourage you to contact us should you have information or a business opportunity related to the development of new drugs for cancer, blood or autoimmune disease having relatively small patient populations and dearth of alternative treatments.

With SymBio’s talented clinical team and exceptional development capabilities, we also wish to hear from you if you sympathize with our mission of bringing “orphan or orphan-like” drugs to patients in need, and would like to partner with SymBio in developing and commercializing drug candidate(s) in Japan or other key Asia Pacific markets.

All information you provide on the next page (e.g. drug info, personal data) will remain in the strictest confidence in accordance with our corporate regulations and internal privacy policy.

If you wish to contact us, please click on “Agree”, fill in the relevant fields in the form provided, and return it to us. We will contact you as soon as we can.

■Maintaining confidentiality
Please refer to the Privacy Policy, which is published on our website, for details.