Charter of Corporate Conduct

SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited is dedicated to being a reputable global pharmaceutical company that prioritizes the health and well-being of people worldwide through the development and provision of superior medicines.
By adhering to the principles outlined below, we strive to promote patient-centered medicine and contribute to the advancement of healthcare.

  1. We will actively engage in the research and development of innovative new drugs that enhance medical care, ensuring a stable supply of ethically produced and safe, high-quality drugs. Additionally, we will focus on developing medicines that provide significant medical benefit and improve the cost-effectiveness of healthcare.
  2. We will conduct clinical trials in collaboration with medical institutions, respecting the rights of research subjects and prioritizing their safety. All trials will be conducted with scientific rigor.
  3. To promote the proper use of medicines, we will provide accurate scientific information on the quality, safety, and efficacy of our products. We will promptly address, analyze, evaluate, and communicate post-marketing information.
  4. We will engage in fair and free competition while ensuring the proper trade and distribution of life-related products. We will maintain transparent and constructive relationships with healthcare professionals, regulatory agencies, and other governmental authorities.
  5. We will implement appropriate information technology systems to protect personal and customer information, taking all necessary measures to safeguard privacy.
  6. We will actively engage with stakeholders within and surrounding the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring positive and fair disclosure of information.
  7. Recognizing environmental issues as a shared concern and essential for the company's activities and survival, we will address such issues voluntary and proactively.
  8. We will respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of our employees, providing a safe and rewarding working environment that fosters job satisfaction. It is our responsibility to promote ethical standards and enhance the qualifications of our employees.
  9. As a responsible corporate citizen, we will actively participate in activities that contribute to the betterment of society.
  10. We will take a firm stance against antisocial forces and groups that threaten the order and safety of civil society.
  11. In our international business activities, we will not only comply with local laws and codes of conduct but also respect local cultures and customs. We will conduct business operations in a manner that contributes to local development.
  12. Our officers will understand and uphold the spirit of this Charter, ensuring all employees are fully aware of its principles. They will actively seek internal and external feedback, develop effective internal systems, and enforce corporate ethics.
  13. In the event of a violation of this Charter, officers will resolve the issue, investigate the cause, and strive to prevent recurrence. They will promptly and accurately disclose information to the public, fulfilling their accountability and clarifying their authority and responsibility. Strict disciplinary action, including against the officers themselves, will be taken as appropriate.