Message from President of SymBio Pharma USA

In keeping with its core mission, to provide innovative therapeutics to underserved communities, SymBio Pharmaceuticals (SymBio) is expanding into the US market and increasing its global presence. The full-scale expansion of SymBio to the US allows the organization to better serve the needs of our patients while providing a responsible diversification of our social health portfolio. This move will enable the organization to expand its therapeutic profile and create novel approaches that offer the potential for unprecedented growth and advances, while meeting the market needs for safe and effective antiviral therapies to treat post-transplantation infections, such as adenovirus.

This expansion will meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. With our focus on better patient outcomes, we meet the needs of both clinicians and patients in ensuring the long-term success of transplant therapies, particularly in the US and Europe where the burden of transplantation is disproportionately high. Our focus on growth and expansion in international markets will generate earnings and create returns and value for shareholders who have invested in our commitment to better health outcomes. This will ensure sustainable growth for the organization.

To achieve our long-term goals, we need to execute flawlessly on the clinical implementation and studies to showcase the potential of our product portfolio. We must focus on the well-being of study participants and ensure that optimal clinical outcomes are achieved. To this end, I am excited for the expansion of SymBio Pharma USA and working with our committed project, clinical and data management teams, as well as fostering strong and open relationships with our clinical sites in the US and Europe.

SymBio Pharma USA, Inc.
President and Chief Operating Officer
Dr.Carolyn Yanavich

SymBio Pharma USA, Inc. President and Chief Operating Officer Dr.Carolyn Yanavich