Charter of Corporate Conduct

SymBio must fulfill its “raison d'etre” by contributing toward the improvement of health around the world. In adopting a “patient-oriented approach," the company is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of those with unmet medical needs through the identification and development of innovative medicines that are, both efficacious and safe. To this end, 'we' (SymBio) shall follow all universally-recognized rules of conduct and human rights, comply with all laws and regulations, and only execute actions based on high ethical principles enshrined in the ensuing charter:

We shall develop innovative medicines that contribute to the improvement of existing treatments, endeavor to supply high quality medicines that are safe as well as efficacious, and ensure their cost effectiveness in alleviating the symptoms of disease through the practice of cost containment measures.
We shall conduct all clinical studies only after obtaining the explicit cooperation of medical institutions involved, unceasingly respect human rights and informed consent of trial subjects, and safeguard the safety of all subjects enrolled by adhering to scientifically stringent procedures.
We shall, in order to ensure the proper administration of drugs, strive to provide scientifically sound and accurate information on the quality, safety, and effectiveness of all drugs under development or launched by SymBio (both domestically and internationally), as well as promptly collect, analyze, evaluate, and convey all post-marketing information.
We shall promote appropriate behavior in all business activities through Fair and Free competition, and maintain a sincere and professional relationship with all medical practitioners, politicians, and administrators.
We shall fully consider and implement every possible step in ensuring the proper protection of confidential employee and corporate information, both internal and external, through the utilization of advancements in Information Technology.
We shall communicate with the broad range of the stakeholders having a vested interest in the performance or business dealings of SymBio, and disclose all relevant corporate information in a timely and transparent manner, thereby fulfilling our legal and corporate responsibilities.
We shall recognize that harmony between the global environment and our business activities is a prerequisite to our corporate existence, and thus, shall voluntarily tackle such environmental issues in a sincere and proactive manner.
We shall respect the diversity, character and individuality of SymBio employees, and provide a work environment that is rewarding, safe, and personally fulfilling. It is the responsibility of a company to strive toward raising the bar on ethics, and improve the inherent value of all employees.
We shall actively engage in community service activities, and any other activities deemed to be beneficial to society as a good corporate citizen.
We shall resolutely oppose antisocial forces and organizations that threaten the order or safety of society as a whole.
We shall, during the conduct of international business activities, observe all applicable laws and regulations of foreign lands, and respect the local culture and customs of each nation encountered.
Officers shall recognize that it is their role to realize the spirit of this Charter of Corporate Conduct, take the initiative to serve as a role model, ensure that all employees are familiar with this Charter of Corporate Conduct, and inform all suppliers of the same. Furthermore, officers must listen to comments of others from within and outside of the company, develop effective internal systems, and ensure ongoing adherence to corporate ethics during all business-related activities.
Officers shall, if a violation of any principle(s) in this Charter of Corporate Conduct occurs, personally address and attempt to resolve the incident by investigating the cause, exploring available solutions, and implementing measures in order to prevent a recurrence. Officers must also promptly and accurately perform their responsibilities of disclosure and accountability, clarify their authority and responsibilities, and take strict actions, including upon themselves, when the aforementioned violations occur.

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