To progressively develop itself as an excellent pharmaceutical company that ensures medium- and long-term expansion with steady sustainability and growth potential, it is indispensable for SymBio to not only develop the existing pipelines (a group of newly developed drugs) but also introduce new drug candidates so that it can advance its corporate value by expanding the pipelines in a continuous and multilayered manner.
SymBio's business development is specialized in oncology, hematology and pain-management areas and the Company has built strong pipelines with several well-established and newly developed drugs in these disease areas.

[TREAKISYM®] Treakisym SyB L-0501 SyB L-0501
[Rigosertib] Rigosertib Sodium SyB L-1101 SyB C-1101 SyB L-1101/SyB C-1101
SyB C-1101 SyB L-1101 SyB L-1101 SyB C-1101

※1 NDA : New Drug Application
※2 MA : Marketing Approval