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Press Release
October 18, 2005
SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited

SymBio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Completes Initial Funding and Launches Operations Focused on Cancer Therapeutics

SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, founded by Fuminori Yoshida former President of Amgen Ltd., announced completion of it's Series A financing of ¥1B ($9MM) led by Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. and SBI Holdings, Inc.and including several major Japanese companies and major venture capital firms. SymBio's mission is to bring to Japanese patients via licensing from North American and European companies high value, breakthrough therapeutics, targeting cancer. SymBio has put in place a highly talented group of experienced pharmaceutical executives and researchers led by Mr. Yoshida to execute that mission.

The pharmaceutical industry in Japan as elsewhere in the world continues to consolidate. As a result, the development of therapeutics for serious illnesses with relatively few patients is gradually being left behind. Fuminori Yoshida, SymBio's founder, saw an opportunity to address these areas of unmet medical needs. He established SymBio Pharmaceuticals to develop and commercialize high impact therapeutics for cancer patients.

SymBio Pharmaceuticals' management philosophy is represented by the concept of symbiosis: "Creating Together, Living Together." The company's business goals are to bring together five key groups: patients, doctors, scientists, regulatory agencies and investors, under the central management theme of "Creating Together, Living Together," to respond to unmet medical needs and fulfill its social and management responsibilities.

SymBio has assembled an outstanding Scientific Advisory Board including clinical investigators and biostatistician in Japan, the US and Australia including Dr. Tomomitu HOTTA, Dean of Tokai Medical School and current Chairman of Japanese Society of Medical Oncology, Dr. Robert Lewis, former Senior Vice President, US R&D, Aventis Pharmaceuticals, and Dr. George Morstyn, former Senior Vice President, Head of Global Development and CMO, Amgen Inc. The company also feels strongly about corporate governance and has added three prominent individuals to its board of directors: Waseda University Professor Shuichi MATSUDA, Mr. Lowell SEARS, former Senior Vice President and CFO of Amgen Inc., and Mr. George VANDEMAN, former Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Amgen Inc. Also, Mr. Takeo ASAI, President of Weru Investment Co., Ltd. was appointed as auditor.


* Board of Directors


Fuminori YOSHIDA (Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer)
Kaoru KIMURA ( Vice President and CFO)
Shuichi MATSUDA (Outside Board member)
Lowell SEARS (Outside Board member)
George VANDEMAN (Outside Board member)


* Auditor


Takeo ASAI (Auditor)


* Scientific Advisory Board


Dr. Tomomitsu HOTTA (Dean, Tokai University School of Medicine; current Chairman of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology)
Dr. Toshio SUDA (Professor, Keio University School of Medicine, Developmental Biology)
Dr. Tsutomu TAKEUCHI (Vice Dean and Chair Professor, Saitama Medical School, Internal Medicine: Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology)
Dr. Masahiro TAKEUCHI (Professor, Kitasato University, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biostatistics Department)
Dr. Kenzaburo TANI (Professor, Kyushu University, Division of Molecular and Clinical Genetics, and Kyushu University Hospital, Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Department of Advanced Molecular and Cell Therapy)
Dr. Toshio HEIKE (Associate Professor, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Pediatrics)
Dr. Robert LEWIS (Former Senior Vice President for US R&D, Aventis Pharmaceuticals)
Dr. George MORSTYN (Former Senior Vice President, Global Clinical Development and CMO, Amgen Inc.)


* Senior Advisors


Dr. Makoto OGAWA (President, Emeritus, Aichi Cancer Center)
Dr. Tatsutoshi NAKAHATA (Professor and Chairman, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Pediatrics)


* Investors


Daiichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.r
EPS Co., Ltd.
SBI Holdings, Inc.
Medical and Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. (MBL)
Tokyo Small & Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd. (SBIC East Japan)
Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation
ZERON Capital Ltd.
Sumitomo Corporation
Weru Investment Co., Ltd.
Waseda University

Investment Partnership TNP On The Road
Weru Technological Venture Investment Business Limited Partnership
Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment and Consultation N0.4 Investment Limited Partnership
JAIC University-based Frontier Technology No.1 Venture Capital Investment, L.P.
JAICÅ|Biotechnology No.2 Venture Capital Investment, L.P.

Management and employees


* Brand logo


The five circles show the relationship in which the five groups mutually support each other, with patients in the center, surrounded by doctors, scientists, regulatory authorities and investors. The mark symbolizes the corporate philosophy of SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, which assumes the role of linking these groups under a single concept of symbiosis, of "Creating together and living together." The color green symbolizes "evergreen," our commitment to the sincere pursuit of eternal vital energy.


* SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited:


Date of corporate establishment: March 25, 2005
Head office: San-Ei Bldg., 8FL, 5-23-7 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Capital: 545,125,000 yen


Japanese Media Contact: Mr. Motoji Horiguchi
Tel: 813-5472-1128
Email:Please send your inquiry through “INQUIRY” in our homepage

U.S. Media Contact: Mr. Lowell Sears
Sears Capital Management
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