Management Strategy

Business Expansion

Strategies for Expanding Business in Asia Pacific

Significant growth in medical needs and increasing demand for higher quality therapeutic options are expected in key Asia Pacific markets currently undergoing rapid economic development. Expansion of business activities to support these anticipated needs is one of SymBio’s most important strategic initiatives.

Similar to the situation which exists in Japan, the therapeutic areas of oncology, hematology, and autoimmune disease across the Asia Pacific region are emerging as areas of unmet medical need, with significant demand for the development of effective therapies. In line with its corporate mission to address such areas of unmet medical need, SymBio will continue with its efforts in delivering effective therapies to patients across the Asia Pacific region as expeditiously as possible.

The development and commercialization of SyB L-0501 (antineoplastic agent) and SyB D-0701 (antiemetic transdermal patch), and SyB L-1101/SyB C-1101 (Multi-Kinase inhibitor for cancer) in Japan and select Asian countries will further solidify SymBio’s presence in the Asia Pacific region. In our ongoing business development activities, we continue to place strong emphasis on in-licensing quality drug candidates for these underserved markets.