Management Strategy

Business Model

The essence of our business model is to intercept 'orphan' or 'orphan-like' drugs at a late stage of clinical development in order to take full advantage of shorter development timelines, regulatory incentives, and the curtailment of risk We are in the process of building a unique business model without precedent in the Japanese pharmaceutical industry.

Symbio Pharmaceutical's Superiority
Strength in investigative capabilities

Success in identifying value-added drug candidates from a global network with the highest potential.
Screening criteria:
1.pharmaceuticals previously approved
outside Japan
2.drug candidates in late-stage clinical
testing (approaching POC)
3.drug candidates likely to receive
'Orphan' designation by the
regulatory authority

Strength in evaluating drug candidates

Possessing extraordinary capabilities for evaluating research outcomes, supported by the sound judgment of our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and business/clinical development teams.

Strength in Commercialization

Completing the "Value Chain" of our business model through professional market research aimed at identifying clinical needs, effective promotion of launched products, and completion of all necessary post-market surveys.

Strength in negotiation

Superior negotiating capabilities with foreign bio-ventures, enabling the in-licensing or collaborative development of only the best drug candidates

Strength in late-stage clinical experience

Extensive know-how in clinical development due to the clinical development team's wealth of pharmaceutical experience.

Strength in expediting timelines

Through close collaboration and the utilization of bridging strategies, late-stage drug candidates licensed in from bio-ventures in the EU/US enjoy much shorter clinical development timelines in attaining marketing approval.

Strength in globalnetworking

Through strong collaborative and partnering efforts with global bio-ventures involved in drug discovery, preclinical/clinical development, and marketing/manufacturing, SymBio has established a ‘pool' of prime drug candidates for the Japanese market.