Management Strategy

Core Competencies

SymBio pharmaceuticals Inc., a fabless company realizing low-cost operation by selected experts and focusing on three therapeutic areas, will grow and expand its business as a specialty pharma founded in Japan by achieving more certain and rapid approval of new drugs so as to continuously serve patients by offering high medical value.

Focus on cancer,
haematology, and autoimmune disease
These three therapeutic areas have traditionally been overlooked by 'big pharma' in terms of available therapies, particularly for rare diseases. US and European bio-ventures, on the other hand, are involved in a range of R & D activities targeting novel therapies with in these fields, and collaborating with these firms remain the focus of SymBio's in-licensing efforts.
Fabless business entity with small management team We are a fabless (operating without production facilities) and highly professional specialty pharmaceutical company with a management team having extensive experience and solid track record in the industry. By ensuring high profitability at low cost, our aim is to achieve success even in niche markets, through the implementation of collaborative strategies with other companies.
Bolstered over 450 years of collective experience Our core management and development personnel have accumulated more than 450 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. When compared to other bio-venture firms operating in Japan. SymBio's new drug development and marketing capabilities via its staff expertise is unparalleled in the industry.
Aiming to be biopharma MVP With the success rate of drug candidates reaching the clinical stage estimated to be 1 in 13, we've set our sights on a more ambitious success rate of obtaining 2 new drug approvals for every three drug candidates in clinical development in order to realize this 'batting average,' SymBio has assembled highly capable SAB and clinical team with a wealth of experience and expertise.
Expediting marketing approval timelines By specializing in the investigation, selection, and clinical development of exceptional drug candidates available for late-stage introduction, we operate in the shortest of timelines-- within 5-6 years to approval and marketing from the clinical stage. By creating multiple high-quality pipelines with an unprecedented rate of marketing within a relatively short time frame from its foundation.