Management Strategy

Main Therapeutic Areas

SymBio Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has taken on the challenge of developing drugs in "Underserved Therapeutic Areas" that may not always be profitable for 'megapharma' to embark on, thereby enabling the company to exploit a niche market with the inherent potential for sustained growth.

Main Therapeutic Areas
Contributing to"underserved therapeutic areas"

By developing and launching new drugs to fill "Underserved Therapeutic Areas" where drug development has often been overlooked due to low patient numbers, we are contributing to overall medical care in Japan and other Asia-Pacific Rim Countries, and spurring the development of novel therapies to address 'unique' patient needs.

Serving unmet medical needs

We are exploiting niche areas of drug development where patient needs remain unmet due to the lack of sustainable profitability for larger pharmaceutical companies, and thus are able to bring novel therapies to patients who have 'fallen between the cracks' in the industry.
We are currently focusing our efforts in three therapeutic areas where significant unmet medical needs exist: oncology, haematology, and autoimmune disease.

Business Strategy

Rather than adopting a 'supermarket' approach to drug development, we channel our resources into promising drug candidates within three core therapeutic areas marked by numerous unmet medical needs. Despite the limited market size and modest financial return, our flexibility and dexterity as a small company will enable us to steadily build upon this platform, one drug at a time. We aim to become the first specialty pharmaceutical company in Japan and Asia Pacific Rim Countries, and we will move forward on a steady and continued growth path.