Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy
SymBio Pharmaceuticals' management principle is Symbiosis (Creating Together, Living Together), specializing in the development and sales of therapeutic drugs in the “underserved therapeutic areas” where the number of patients is small. SymBio Pharmaceuticals recognizes that Personal Information Protection is vital in conducting business, and that it is a social responsibility.
SymBio Pharmaceuticals keep all directors and employees well informed of this policy and implement it in good faith in order to ensure the proper handling of personal information held by the Company as well as maintaining its confidentiality.

1.Collection, usage and provision of personal information
SymBio Pharmaceuticals strongly recognizes the importance of the protection of personal information, thus the Company collects, uses and provides such information within the scope of achieving its business objectives. Information shall not be provided to a third party contrary to the objectives or disclosed without prior consent of the principal.
2.Management of personal information
SymBio Pharmaceuticals shall take appropriate measures technically and organizationally in order to prevent illegal access, loss, alteration and leakage, and make any necessary amendments.
3.Compliance with laws and ordinances concerning personal information
SymBio Pharmaceuticals shall comply with laws and ordinances, and any other regulations concerning personal information protection.
4.Maintenance and improvement of personal information protection
SymBio Pharmaceuticals provides training and education for its directors and employees to ensure that personal information is properly protected. It shall also check personal information protection regularly, reviewing and improving the approach towards personal information protection on a continual basis.

Use of personal information
●Purpose of using personal information, etc.
The purpose of using personal information which SymBio Pharmaceuticals collects for drug development business is as follows.
1.Personal information concerning medical personnel and researchers
・For drug development business and any related administrative works
2.Personal information concerning shareholders
・For enforcement of rights, fulfillment of obligations, and provision of various conveniences for shareholders as specified by commercial law
・For appropriate and smooth communication with shareholders
3.Personal information of clients
・To respond to inquiries, etc.
4.Personal Information concerning PR and IR
・For releasing information to investors and media, and for distribution of event information
・For internal and external PR activities
・For appropriate and smooth communication with those concerned with PR and IR
5.Personal information concerning recruitment
・For consideration and decision of recruitment
・Communication concerning recruitment activity
6.Personal information of employees
・For personnel and labor management
・Reference, alteration and deletion of personal information

●For reference, alteration or deletion of personal information held by SymBio Pharmaceuticals, such requests shall be met promptly, should contact be made by the principal at the personal information inquiry desk as below.

●Data protection
SymBio Pharmaceuticals' website uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic technology on its personal information entry page as a security measure for collecting clients' personal information in order to encrypt the data transmitted over the internet and to prevent the leakage.

Personal information protection inquiry desk
SymBio Pharmaceuticals Limited, Personal information management

Inside: Legal & General Affairs
Tel: 080-4794-2114  
Consultation: All compliance problems

Outside: CUORE C CUBE Co,.Ltd (
Tel: (0120-061-065)Tue-Sat PM2:00-PM9:00(JST)
1. Compliance problems
2. Sexual harassment
3. Power harassment