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For Investors

I would like to express my gratitude for your continued support of this highly innovative corporate undertaking. SymBio Pharmaceuticals is a specialty biopharmaceutical company which has been founded on the underlying principle of putting patients first, aiming to contribute to the Japanese healthcare industry and society as a whole through the in-licensing and development of ‘orphan' or ‘orphan-like' drugs from overseas markets. In pursuit of our mission, we are striving to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between the five main spheres encompassing the development and delivery of medicines: patients, physicians, scientists, government, and investors.

By adopting a proprietary business model that places us in a position to develop and market late-stage drug candidates without the prohibitive burden of basic R & D expenditures, SymBio has been able to maintain a high degree of dexterity in its approach to clinical development; through rigorous screening of foreign drug candidates and the implementation of bridging strategies, the resulting compression of clinical development timelines will ultimately expedite the availability of drugs to Japanese patients who suffer needlessly. SymBio will be able to sustain profitability by setting a new precedent in the success rate for generating marketing approvals in Japan, a reflection of a corporate philosophy that emphasizes success through the achievement of consistent ‘base hits', rather than the elusive ‘home-run.'

The overwhelming support and understanding being demonstrated by investors for SymBio's mission in ‘delivering hope to patients in need' has exceeded my expectations, and my sense of gratitude cannot be stressed enough. It is all of you, the investors, who are providing SymBio with the financial means to develop medicines in order to address the unmet medical needs of patients.