• 1. Our stance on compliance
    Based on our philosophy "to co-create and to co-exist," we believe that by far the most important duty for us to develop as a pharmaceutical company is to not only pursue economic benefits, but also to gain strong social confidence as a good corporate citizen by sincerely and proactively promoting compliance activities.
    Pursuant to the above, we will strive to ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations to sufficiently fulfill our social responsibilities and accomplish public duties as a pharmaceutical company that contributes to society.
  • 2. Initiatives and establishment of proper structure for compliance
    • (1) Strongly recognizing our social responsibilities and public duties as a pharmaceutical company, we established a Company Code of Conduct which stipulates a basic compliance policy and standards of behavior for officers and employees in December 2006. We place compliance as one of the most important issues in management and carry out initiatives to thoroughly implement compliance at every opportunity.
    • (2) The Company Code of Conduct declares that "we act with the highest ethical standards while respecting human rights, and comply with all laws and regulations, norms and its spirit regardless of being home or abroad." All officers and employees act strictly in accordance with behavioral standards stipulated in the Code, which are based on the highest ethical standards and a good social conscience concerning all aspects of the company's business activities as a pharmaceutical company.
    • (3) To unify and enhance compliance awareness, we have established Compliance Action Guidelines to encourage correct understanding of compliance and how it is applied in daily activities by all officers and employees.
    • (4) To familiarize, carry through and reinforce company-wide compliance awareness, we have prepared a handbook on Introduction to the Company Code of Conduct and Corporate Culture and have distributed copies to all officers and employees so they may refer to it at any time.
    • (5) To ensure the implementation of compliance initiatives, we put forth efforts to nurture correct understanding and high compliance awareness by providing all officers and employees with ongoing education and informative activities.
    • (6) A compliance committee has been set up to thoroughly implement and soundly promote compliance. The compliance committee conducts activities to establish, promote and determine an across-the-company compliance management system with an aim to familiarize, carry through, and reinforce compliance awareness throughout the company's business activities.
    • (7) To reduce compliance risks, we have set up a Compliance Advisory Desk for both inside and outside the company to receive information related to compliance and request consultations on corporate ethics, whistle-blowing and such from company officers and employees.